Jim Steiner Mayor. Jacque Casillas Vice Mayor. Yolanda Carrillo Council Member. Wes S peake Council Member. Chad Willardson City Treasurer. See below for fees Initial vaccinations are given free of charge, a 7 day exchange and a free health examination at participating veterinary offices is included in the adoption fee. After the stray animal hold date, the shelter pet will be available for adoption on the next business day promptly at a. If there is more than one party interested in the same shelter pet, a drawing will be held.


In response to Coronavirus precautions, and in an effort to keep our visitors, staff and volunteers safe, the Palm Springs Animal Shelter is not currently accepting walk-in visitors. We are providing adoption opportunities, surrender and stray intake services, as well as microchipping and vaccine support, all by appointment. We will continue to be a refuge for animals in need and pet owners in crisis.

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Cash or check is readily accepted. We ask that you submit an adoption application. Often times this is scheduled at the start of one of our regular adoption events. If indeed you do make the decision to adopt the pet, there is a basic pet adoption contract to complete. The SAAP personnel that is assisting with your pet adoption will be happy to review the contract with you. SAAP does promote life long adoptions.


During these events, cats and dogs six months and older can be adopted for free at the City’s animal shelter. Adopters can have their names added to wait lists for stray animals with holding periods that expire after the event date but such animals may not be included in the fee-waiver. Additionally, regular adoption fees may apply for adopters added to waiting lists prior to the event date.

Those interested in attending should prepare for long waits given that many attendees begin lining up hours before the shelter opens and then, when the event begins, visitors are allowed access to the facility in small groups to minimize stress on animals.

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We appreciate your continued support and dedication during this time. In-shelter adoptions will be available Monday-Friday ampm and Saturday-Sunday ampm. Adoption visitations must be complete one hour prior to closing each day. At this time, we are not permitting parties to self-tour through adoptable animals. Current adoptable animals are displayed online and parties can select a maximum of two animals to visit at the shelter. Please read the instructional signage when arriving at the shelter and follow all social distancing markers.

We respectfully request that anyone who is currently ill or has any known risk factors related to the virus not visit Denver Animal Shelter.

Online Dating Meets Petfinder

PawsLikeMe has developed a 3-minute smart survey that matches people and pets based on compatibility. The quiz assesses your personality, lifestyle and home as it relates to pet parenting. Adoptable pets are given a similar personality profile.

Connecting animals and people through advocacy, education and community nearly two months in our foster care program before going up for adoption.

This website uses cookies in order to enhance your experience. Please review our Privacy Policy to learn how we may use cookies and how you can change your browser settings to disable cookies. By continuing to use this website without changing your settings, you consent to our use of cookies. But what if Tinder profile photos only featured that cute animal? And what if, instead of a millennial would-be hooker-upper, it was the adorable dog or cat itself looking for true love?

The harsh world of pet adoption is extremely competitive: About 6. It’s too big a need for shelter operators to just sit back and hope they all get adopted. That’s why you see adorable dogs on display outside the grocery store, partnerships with Uber that will bring puppies directly to you for playtime, and aww-inspiring social media campaigns like dogs in pajamas.

After all, people using online dating apps are already looking for love and companionship — just maybe a slightly different kind. Photo by LifeLine Animal Project, used with permission. At the very least, Tinder and Bumble have proven to be great for word-of-mouth awareness-building on the importance of adopting shelter pets.

The animals are getting dozens of matches. Hirsch says there have been more than a few online adoption inquiries, as well as people coming into the shelter to meet their “match” in person.

Tinder for dog people: A new dating app called Dig matches up singles who love dogs

Emergencies come in many forms: fires, hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, violent storms and even terrorism. In the event of extreme weather or a disaster , would you know what to do to protect your pet? Leaving pets out of evacuation plans can put pets, pet owners, and first responders in danger. Even if you try to create a safe place for them, pets left behind during a disaster are likely to be injured, lost, or worse.

Be prepared: make a plan and prepare a disaster kit for your pet.

See a listing of animals up for adoption. If you have questions please contact the Animal Control Department at Date Posted: August 17, ​.

South Florida dog lovers looking for some romance may dig this new app. The event, which runs 6 to 8 p. There will also be free treats and ice pops for dogs for humans. You can also talk to trainers from Applause Your Paws for training techniques. Tinder is looking to match users with other users with a new feature just for spring breakers. The dating app has added a “spring break mode” so that people can match up with others before they travel to the same spring break destinations.

The feature is active in Miami and Fort Lauderdale. The idea for the app came after Casey Issacson broke up with a guy who had issues with her dog Layla in his apartment.

Animal Shelter/Animal Control

Animals teach us about patience, unconditional love and the true meaning of giving. Living with a pet is a life-enhancer, and in most cases, animals become true members of the family. Adopting a pet in need is a win-win situation, giving you a best friend for life and providing a home for an animal that could sure use it. If the idea of having a dog or cat has crossed your mind, check out these four stellar apps and websites that facilitate the search for your dream pet. This is the premise behind AllPaws , a free search engine that matches pets with prospective owners.

1. Dig. With a catchy tagline like “The Dog Person’s Dating App,” you know this company means business. Founded by New Orleans sisters Casey and.

Create an Account – Increase your productivity, customize your experience, and engage in information you care about. The City of Saint Charles is pleased to partner with Five Acres Animal Shelter for the care and adoption of the animals in our shelter. Animal Control personnel will respond to emergency calls bite cases, aggressive dogs, injured animals, etc. The City of Saint Charles Animal Shelter always has a variety of dogs, cats and sometimes other animals that are available for adoption to anyone, regardless of place of residence.

If you are interested in adopting a new pet, visit our shelter at W. Randolph Street during the Shelter Hours shown on the right. When you visit, you will have the opportunity to get to know our animals. If you have other pets at home, you may be asked to bring them in to see how the animals interact together. Once you have selected a new pet, you will complete an adoption application, which will be reviewed by Five Acres Animal Shelter personnel. Five Acres reserves the right to refuse any pet adoptions.

Pet Safety in Emergencies

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Anyone can list a dog for adoption on the web site, hopefully giving people a proactive alternative to dropping their pet at a shelter or kicking them out of their home.

Petfinder, founded in the early days of the internet, revolutionized the rescue community by bringing homeless animals to the screens of thousands of people looking for their next pet and I’m sure to another thousand who were “just browsing. The web site allows prospective pet parents to search for available animals by location, breed, age, and gender. But what Petfinder doesn’t do is filter by energy level or other personality characteristics.

Two women long involved in the rescue community, Elizabeth Holmes and Marianna Benko, and veterinarian Coleen Johnston wanted to create a web site that would put the emphasis on personality and lifestyle fit. Think of it as online dating meets the animal rescue world. This year they launched PawsLikeMe , a web site that uses an algorithm to match people with available dogs in the area.

Prospective adopters answer questions that takes into account what PawsLikeMe considers to be the four core personality traits that influence the human-canine bond: energy, focus, confidence, and independence. Anyone can list a dog for adoption on the web site, hopefully giving people a proactive alternative to dropping their pet at a shelter or kicking them out of their home.

The other 50 percent is kept by PawsLikeMe for the operation of the web site. Shelters and other rescue organizations can also list pets on the web site. After I took the online quiz, I was matched to many available animals in my area, including dogs from the shelter where I adopted my Border Collie mix, Scuttle. I love that this web site gets people thinking not only about a dog’s cute photo, but about the personality and lifestyle fit in terms of energy level and other characteristics.

However, I hope that users don’t expect a perfect match anyone who has used online dating knows that these web sites are far from that!

Squirrel terrorizes old lady… Funny Animal Rescue