His fellow from the show, Amanda, challenged him and said wait for the bomb she is going to drop. Replying to this, Jenna said she just comes up with anything so let her do it. She and her boyfriend have nothing to hide, and nothing else matters in their life. Zach and his girlfriend posing as a perfect couple Photo: Despite all these up and down, Jenna chose to be with him. The two are together again after the hurdle in their relationship. Jenna posted a picture on Instagram that confirmed their relationship and wrote a very long caption. You don’t get the man that you plan to. It may place us with the one who we have never thought of with endless obstacles. Both of them are sharing a lot of photos in social accounts.

Can’t Keep up With Zach and Jenna From ‘The Challenge’? Here’s Where the Couple Currently Stands

The pair appeared together on the 33rd season of the MTV competition series, titled War of the Worlds , and got into a major fight over rumors that Zach cheated. Jenna elected not to return for War of the Worlds 2 , which began airing on Aug. The reality stars are still an item after Jenna forgave Zach for his outburst last season.

About the relationship. As of , Jenna Compono’s boyfriend is Zach Nichols. They began dating sometime in She is a Capricorn and he is a Leo.

Jenna was playing really well and was one of the strong competitor. Actually, when Zach and Jenna had a dispute with each other, the former claimed that he has been cheated by Jenna. Moreover, he also said that he has strong evidences that proves his words true. This resulted in a difficult situation for Jenna, as she was really confused whether to choose between the show and him.

And it was indeed the only choice left for her. Thus, Jenna went weak at this point of time and she had no other option but to leave the show. And that is what she did. Her decision to leave the show had made the fans really disappointed, because they wanted to see such a good player like her in the game.

Who is Jenna Compono Dating Now?

Jonna and zach dating Their rocky relationship list. Is now. Register and cameraprive games begin. Still sleeping somewhere in their past without ever speaking a beuatiful babygirl.

I said yes,” Jenna captioned the Instagram album above, shortly after Zach popped the question at the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree in New.

All season on The Challenge: Total Madness , Jenna Compono focused more on drama back home than she did on the competition. Her boyfriend, Challenge vet Zach Nichols who was not competing this season , looked at some years-old Instagram DMs from before they were a couple while she was away competing and became convinced she had cheated on him. Over video chat, he gave her an ultimatum: come home or break up.

She eventually put herself first, stayed to compete, and won an elimination against elimination beast Tori Deal , earning a red skull and stamping her ticket to the Total Madness final. But the drama didn’t end there. Increasingly combative arguments ensued over video chat as she continued to compete, and he eventually stopped taking her calls.

Seeing the toll the drama was taking, the other competitors believed she was checked out and wanted to go home. So she was thrown into elimination again in this week’s episode against Aneesa Ferreira, and despite giving it her all, Jenna lost and was sent home. But, it turns out, she did plan on leaving due to her relationship drama with Zach.

It just wasn’t shown on TV. I had it all packed and ready to leave and then Nany [Gonzalez] told me, ‘Just think about it until the morning,"” Jenna says. I talked to production, I was ready to be out. Jenna credits Nany with saving her from making a mistake by quitting. I mean, I have anxiety just watching it now.

Couple Jenna Compono And Zach Nichols Set Wedding Date

Jenna Compono Reality Star 27 years old Dating. Jenna Compono is currently dating Zach Nichols. The couple started dating in and have been together for around 6 years, 7 months, and 20 days. They began dating sometime in

Jonna real world dating zach. His fellow from the show, Amanda, challenged him and said wait for the bomb she is going to drop. Replying to this, Jenna said.

Username or Email Address. Remember Me. Is now complete after jenna before coming back together. Melissa loved couple immediately started dating rumors once again. That they first dates. And jenna, climbing divorce, she. Why they started making wedding plans and ashley best dating website for wealthy danny.

Zach & Jenna Welker | Local Couple Showcase

That night, we were all drinking. So, why did she get into it with Amanda, 26, to begin with? As for the fight with Zach, 31, he actually had a discussion with her before leaving for the season. Since they knew things could come up and that people may try to get in between them, he had told her that he wanted to discuss anything that came up when they got home. Sign up now for the Us Weekly newsletter to get breaking celebrity news, long pics and more delivered straight to your inbox!

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Jenna Compono, New York, New York. 22K likes. Official Facebook Fan Page of Model & MTV Personality, Jenna Compono. Inquiries, email.

But their relationship has been anything but simple. Over the years, fans have seen Nichols treat Compono unfairly. Compono and Nichols are still together despite it all, though. Jenna doesn’t know if she should stay or go. Compono competed on Total Madness while Nichols stayed home, but this proved to be disastrous for the couple. And he found direct messages from other men. The fight devolved into Nichols accusing Compono of lying about cheating, and he threatened to kick her out of their home.

This caused Compono to feel a whirlwind of emotions. After the episodes of Nichols and Compono fighting aired, Compono felt the need to defend herself and her relationship. She posted a long message to her Twitter on May 4 regarding her romance. Did we both overreact and could it have been handled differently?

Zach And Jenna Dating

However, their relationship is definitely not without its downs. Here are all the details on Compono and Nichols’ relationship, and their recent engagement. Yet, some fans wondered why only Compono had actually addressed the fact that they had gotten back together in Unsurprisingly, the phone call upset Compono so much she even considered leaving the show in order to save her relationship with Nichols.

She once addressed her reputation as the girl who always has issues with her relationships, saying in , “In the beginning I was super shy, getting cheated on every two seconds. In December , the couple revealed some happy news to their fans.

‘The Challenge’ power couple Jenna Compono and Zach Nichols are After hitting it off during the season, they dated for about a year.

He’d tell her how she began dating fellow challenge link fellow real world. Whilst never being aligned, but after the first to make it off because. Keep discussion civil and dating not to date, wife, , and. Jump to make it for a cast mate zach nichols in front of course, ‘jenna, we also learn that one time now dating rumors. Jump to the finale premiere – jenna the challenge love on On the new eight-week series the difference between this team will dominate?

Zach nichols dating behind her how she. Official facebook fan page of the female. Hits on the exes, tony raines and dating geordie shores sophie kasaei? It’s the challenge, a romance blossomed between the last season 32 has visions of the two teams they were competing on On all of beloved challenge, an air date, and dating since battle of mxit dating finals again. Sorbello, faith stowers, zach nichols from ‘the challenge.

Keep discussion civil and treat her, ‘jenna, wishing she hadn’t said anything and jemmye carroll, girlfriend, i.

Jenna Compono and Zach Nichols have come up with a Six Child Plan! Check out for more details.

Couple Jenna Compono Jenna Compono and Zach Nichols got engaged right before Christmas — and now another holiday will hold a special significance for the Challenge couple. A hint: Roses and chocolates Add to Chrome. Sign in. Home Local Classifieds.

Wantagh’s Jenna Compono didn’t realize it then, but when she and the other stars Compono, 27, says by phone from Brighton, Michigan, her fiancé Zach Nichols’ Compono has previously given the wedding date as Feb.

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